Ogilvy China Once Again Earns Top Honors as HR Asia’s “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018”


Ogilvy China Once Again Earns Top Honors as HR Asia’s “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018”

HR Asia hosts one of the most prestigious HR awards in Asia, and this is their second year hosting the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018 – China Edition. Ogilvy is proud to once again be recognized as an industry leader in HR standards in China by winning “Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2018.” During the past two years of Next Chapter restructure and growth, the fact that Ogilvy has been able to maintain its stellar reputation as a great place to work speaks volumes to Ogilvy’s capability and commitment to plan and execute initiatives that attract, grow and keep top talent.

As a principal voice among HR professionals in Asia, HR Asia holds the awards ceremony to recognize world-class corporations with high levels of employee engagement and exceptional workplace culture. Unlike other HR awards, “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” is based on employee responses from surveys which measure motivation and emotional engagement within each nominated company.

Surveys include the HR Asia Employee Input SurveyTM and HR Asia Workplace and Employee Engagement SurveyTM. In addition to the surveys, a thorough in-office inspection from an HR Asia delegation is conducted. This year, Ogilvy’s performance was notably higher than the industry average, as well as outperforming last year’s scores. Three areas in which Ogilvy employees feel the company particularly excelled in are; reinforcing clarity of internal communications, consistency between personal development and company vision and intimate working relationships.

In a time where employee expectations are shifting, and there are more choices than ever before, attracting and keeping the right talent means companies must continue to raise the bar to distinguish themselves from the rest. Ogilvy prides itself on a people-first corporate culture, and has made a conscious effort to evolve with the workforce, creating an open and relaxed environment that fosters creativity.

“Ogilvy is a creative network that makes brands matter, but it all starts with our people” says Chris Reitermann, Chief Executive for Ogilvy Asia & Greater China, “receiving this prestigious award for a second year in a row, underlines our steadfast commitment to our people-first culture, diversity, and being an employer that people aspire to work for. We are a company of, as Ogilvy’s founder David Ogilvy put it – ‘people who will always aim for the remarkable, never settle for the routine.’ As the needs and expectations of employees evolve, Ogilvy continues to advance industry standards. Rooted in our deep belief that people are our most important asset, we accept this award with a promise to continue fostering a workplace that inspires people to create the unimagined.”